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The saltwater generator is the most important part of any saltwater pool system. Given how significant the investment is, you should think it through thoroughly. However, after your salt system is set up, you can simply relax and take advantage of your pool. When shopping, you will come across a wide variety of models and makes, each of which has its own features. Avoid becoming overwhelmed by your options! Do your homework and keep these things in mind.

Pool size

Choose a high-volume saltwater pool system to extend the system’s lifespan and increase efficiency. Longer intervals between salt cell replacements are possible with a bigger unit. Go for a system that can manage more volume if possible, rather than one that can only handle the bare minimum.

Replacements and maintenance

Although a saltwater pool system needs less maintenance than a traditional chlorine system, you will still have to do routine maintenance. Remember that you will need to replace your saltwater generator cells every five years. For this reason, look for a system with a low cost for replacement cells.


You will require a salt chlorinator system that can treat more water if you anticipate having a lot of people use your backyard pool. You will require a larger model to account for a higher demand for chlorine if you reside in an area with year-round pool weather.


The good features available include self-cleaning, self-diagnostics, digital readouts, salt readouts, and more. Some models even allow you to control equipment because it is automated remotely. An acid feed pump is one feature to take into account. This is a fantastic tool for checking the level of pH and adding muriatic acid to lower it. This is because salt water’s pH tends to run higher and accelerate calcium build-up.


To acquire the pool of your dreams, you do not have to spend more than your neighbors. Be honest with yourself about what you can and should afford. Keep in mind that you will ultimately save money compared to a conventional chlorinated pool. You can save at least 40% with a saltwater pool system on chlorine purchases throughout its lifetime.

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Benefits of the Best Saltwater Pool System

Health benefits

Your family’s health is one of the main benefits of a saltwater pool system. In addition to being beneficial for reducing stress, saltwater also lessens the possibility of developing sensitivities to chlorine.

Infants’ lung problems may be due to chlorine. Also, most people experience breathing difficulties after using a chlorinated swimming pool. A saltwater pool system will not burn your eyes or irritate your lungs the way a chlorine pool may.

Saltwater is gentler

If you are a swimmer, you have probably experienced the effects of swimming in chlorinated water on your clothing, hair, and skin. Saltwater does not bother the eyes, is kind to clothing, and doesn’t smell like chlorine.

Your swimsuits will last longer and have less wear and tear. This is because of the significantly reduced chlorine levels in a saltwater pool system.

Reduced exposure to hazardous chemicals

You must store and handle a lot of chemicals to maintain a chlorinated pool.

Most swimmers can come into contact with pool chemicals appropriately given without risk. To reduce the risk of injury and explosion, these chemicals must be mixed properly and handled safely.

The only thing you’ll need to store and manage with a saltwater pool system is salt. As it reduces the possibility of mishaps, this is a much better option for households with pets, young children, or inexperienced swimming pool owners.

Minimal maintenance is required

You will not have to put in nearly as much effort to maintain your chlorine levels. This is because salt cells in a saltwater pool system produce chlorine as needed. Although you won’t often encounter serious problems, you are still advised to check the chemical levels in your saltwater pool regularly. This will help to make sure everything is functioning properly.

The majority of maintenance will involve keeping the saltwater pool pump and filter free of debris and salt build-up. It won’t take long, and no harsh chemicals are needed.


Cheaper than chlorine is salt. The low cost of a saltwater pool is one advantage. Depending on the size of the pool in your backyard, you could spend less on chemicals every year.

Better for your joints

Swimming can assist with pain and stiffness if you have arthritis or other joint difficulties. Chlorinated water is worse for your joints than saltwater. Since bromide is a mineral that eases pain and aches, salt water contains it. This makes it gentler on the joints and muscles.

Since saltwater is easier to maneuver, an injured person will find it simpler to swim and recover fully. A saltwater pool system can help in reducing the signs of rheumatoid arthritis and other joint ailments.

Make the change to a saltwater pool system

It’s time to switch now that you are aware of the major advantages of the saltwater pool system! Remember to rely on a professional pool company like Poseidon Pool Services to install yours. Call us today!

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Poseidon Pool Service are your local Roseville Pool Service and Pool Care professionals. We provide professional advice on pool maintenance, pool equipment repairs, and pool water chemistry expertise.

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