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The annual maintenance associated with owning a pool can be costly. Running pool equipment and purchasing the necessary chemicals, in addition to the costs of employing a professional pool service company in Roseville, can all add up.

It takes time and effort to keep your swimming pool in sparkling blue condition. It can also impact your monthly budget. While some people find cleaning their pool therapeutic, others would rather lay poolside in the sun than spend time cleaning it! What is the best approach to keep your swimming pool clean and in good working order, should you hire a pool service company and if so, what does pool service include?

Pool Maintenance: Should You Do It Yourself Or Hire A Professional Pool Service Technician?

Today, we’ll discuss the advantages of doing it yourself versus hiring a professional pool maintenance company to service your pool and have it in ready to swim condition.

Doing your own pool maintenance may cut your costs slightly, but not as much as you might assume. To begin, you will need to obtain all of the cleaning products, chemicals, and equipment needed to complete the cleaning.

Buying simply the chemicals on your own may save you a few bucks, but you’ll still need to know the exact chemicals you need to add to your pool in order to balance your water chemistry – and in what quantities.

What is the role of a Pool Service company?

If you’re considering about hiring an experienced pool maintenance company to look after your pool, you’re probably curious about what it is they actually do. Pool maintenance will include the following on a monthly or biweekly basis:

  1. Vacuuming the pool surfaces; Skimming trash from the water’s surface;
  2. Scrubbing surfaces such as the walls and steps
  3. Emptying the skimmer baskets
  4. Ensuring that the filters are functioning properly;
  5. Checking the pH of the water; Balancing the pool chemicals
  6. Checking the pool’s water level
  7. Shocking the pool water when needed.
  8. Pool maintenance staff can be used to open the pool in the spring and close it at the beginning of the winter.

The following factors determine the cost of your pool service:

  1. The size of your pool — larger pools use more chemicals and take longer to clean.
  2. Location – A pool near greenery, trees, or a wooded area will accumulate more trash than one in an open area. Similarly, if your pool is in a high-rainfall area, you will require more frequent service.
    The expenditures to maintain the equipment and clean the water will vary depending on the type of pool – chlorine, salt water, and natural pools.
  3. Pool usage – a pool that is frequently used will necessitate more upkeep than one that is only used on weekends.
  4. Pool equipment – the efficiency and quality of your pool equipment will have an impact on the amount of work required. Heating and lighting upgrades may necessitate extra repairs and service calls.

The majority of pool owners will spend between $30 and $100 every month to keep their pool in good condition if they do it themselves.

Spend Less Time Cleaning & More Time Swimming

There is a clear difference in the amount of effort required to clean a pool yourself versus using a pool service.

You may feel overwhelmed the first time you clean a pool. However, as you acquire experience, balancing chemicals, removing filters, and determining the most efficient method of cleaning surfaces will become second nature.

Cleaning a pool yourself can take up to an hour and a half, depending on the equipment used, and you’ll need to do it frequently. However, most people will invest 45 minutes a week and a little elbow grease to maintain their pool. This does not include the pool equipment repairs or the balancing of chemicals.

A pool repair service can do the entire task in just an hour since they use professional-grade tools. Best of all, you can do this while working, spending time with your children, or simply relaxing in your pool instead of driving yourself crazy maintaining it.

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    Poseidon Pool Service are your local Roseville Pool Service and Pool Care professionals. We provide professional advice on pool maintenance, pool equipment repairs, and pool water chemistry expertise.

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    Poseidon Pool Service are your local Roseville Pool Service and Pool Care professionals. We provide professional advice on pool maintenance, pool equipment repairs, and pool water chemistry expertise.

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