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There are about a million swimming pools in the United States. While swimming pools are best known for their health benefits and relaxing feelings for hot summer days and birthday parties, they no doubt come with their hassles when it comes to maintenance and regular care for them. Our pool cleaning service is not streamlined to certain dates, and we offer weekly, monthly, or yearly cleaning pool services.

Understanding the rudiments in taking care of your pool and common problems associated with swimming pools helps to reduce the burden and bring it to a minimal state. The availability of a pool cleaning service in your proximity and locality is always soothing, knowing you’ve got most of these issues covered by a reliable pool cleaning service. Find a weekly pool service near me, and look into the important aspect on what to expect from pool cleaning services. The pool supplies used in cleaning the pool, the cost of the pool cleaning service, and how often a pool needs to be cleaned.

This article sheds light on the common problems of a swimming pool, preferred solutions, the cost of pool cleaning service, and how often a pool should be cleaned. Here are some issues you should know about as a commercial pool operator or residential pool owner. And as a pool cleaning service company, these are issues we detect at an early stage and have them tackled to avoid future mishaps.

  1. Greenish Water: Imagine waking up to find a greenish shade of watercolor inside your pool. A healthy pool should have clear blue water. There are also cases of pools with musky water and extremely greenish watercolor. This only shows a great amount of algae growth in your pool, which will need to be attended to. The presence of algae in a pool indicates that there is a low presence of chlorine in the pool. It would be best if you didn’t panic. All you need to do is to contact a pool cleaning service. Upon arrival, the pool will be cleaned of this contaminated water, with chlorine added. The lack of chlorine in pool water will change the color of the pool water. 
  1. Cloudy Water: Just like algae, the presence of bacteria is always noticed through the cloudiness of the water. The unclear surface of the water makes it look like a cloud of fog on the water. It only means that the pool is already infested with bacteria. This also shows a low presence of chlorine in the pool. A healthy pool poses no threat to bacteria and algae. The solution to cloudy pool water is close enough to that of greenish pool water. They both involve the addition of chlorine to the water.
  1. Clogged Pool Filter: A clogged pool filter will lead to its inefficiency. A pool exposed to heavy pool use or environmental use is likely to attract more dirt, dirt, and debris. When the filter is not regularly checked, the continuous heaping or storage of this dirt and debris will lead to a blocked and clogged pool filter. If this is not attended to this may lead to a disruption in water circulation. For a pool with a large capacity volume, this will attract the continuous flow of a larger crowd, this is also likely to lead to the pool filter getting clogged. The service of a pool cleaning company becomes necessary so the business may continue. Homeowners are not left out, as they face this problem due to the presence of trees surrounding the house. This should be no cause for alarm. All you need to do is get the service of your pool cleaning service.
  1. Poor circulation: The poor circulation of a pool is sometimes based on something other than a clogged pool filter. Aside from the blockage of the pool filter due to dirt, debris, and bug, another reason for the poor water circulation could be a hoe in the airline. If your pool airline is leaking, there will be poor water circulation. When this type of pool issue is detected, the best thing to do is check the pool filter and the electrical cut-out to determine where the problem is coming from. This is the reason why getting a pool cleaning service is necessary.
  1. Too Much Chlorine: The presence of chlorine in a pool can also become an issue. During the addition of chlorine by any pool cleaning service, there is always a balanced check for the chlorine level, the excess of this cleaning agent will lead to reactions in pool users, especially for those with sensitive skin. This reaction might be severe for kids, especially when there is contact with the eyes. It takes more than just adding chlorine to the water. But brings the expertise to know how to create a balance by adding chlorine.
  1. Calcium Build-up: A couple of factors can contribute to building the calcium content of your swimming pool. A typical cause is a high pH and very inconsistent temperatures. Depending on the surface of the swimming pool, various methods could work well in removing the build-up. For example, tiled surfaces are best cleaned with less coarse materials and vinegar—two types of calcium scale form in the pool: calcium carbonate and calcium silicate. Calcium carbonate appears in white and flaky form and is fairly easy to take off, the latter, calcium silicate is white-grey and more difficult to take off. In addition, the calcium silicate takes longer to form. This build-up in your pool can be removed using a pumice stone, stain eraser, or scale remover. To prevent scratching and irritation, keep the stone and the surface you are cleaning wet.

While you must prepare for every aspect of the home, it’s also important to prepare for our swimming pool against bad weather, high voltage, and avoidable problems. Going about your pool cleaning service shouldn’t be a hurdle. With a reputable company like Poseidon pools, the hygiene and safety of your pool are with us. Find a weekly pool service near me.

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Poseidon Pool Service are your local Roseville Pool Service and Pool Care professionals. We provide professional advice on pool maintenance, pool equipment repairs, and pool water chemistry expertise.

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Poseidon Pool Service are your local Roseville Pool Service and Pool Care professionals. We provide professional advice on pool maintenance, pool equipment repairs, and pool water chemistry expertise.

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