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Having a pool in your own backyard is a really desirable idea. When you own a pool, keeping it clean should be a top priority. No one wants pool water that is cloudy and full of floating debris. As a pool owner, you must have a clear cleaning plan. So within this article, learn the do’s and don’ts of swimming pool cleaning.

Swimming Pool Cleaning Do’s and Don’ts



It is a good idea to inspect your pool’s parts periodically. Look at the ladders, filter, pump, liner, and jets. It’s important to spot issues before they worsen and become health risks. You should contact the professionals at Poseidon Pool Services if you see anything out of the ordinary.


Do keep an eye on the pool’s water level. Call the professionals if it appears too high or too low. It won’t be long before they figure out what’s going on. If you notice a decrease in water pressure, it could be due to a leak, or it could be due to something less complex. In any case, the pool professionals will figure it out and fix it.


Do remember to empty the skimmer basket of your pool on a regular basis. You can find lots of bugs and leaves in the skimmer. Sometimes lost pool toys turn up here, too. Maintaining a clean skimmer basket between service calls is an easy way to prolong the life of your pool. If your pump’s basket becomes clogged, it will have to work harder than usual. This can cause it to wear out faster than it should.


Do daily skimming to keep the water clean. Getting rid of debris like dead bugs and leaves before they sink to the bottom is important. Between cleanings, this will ensure a pristine pool.


If you see anything out of the ordinary with your pool, do contact Poseidon Pool Services. If your pump is making unusual noises or spraying water, don’t hesitate to contact us. So that your pool doesn’t get any worse, our trained staff can find problems as soon as possible.

Pool Maintenance - Cleaning A Cartridge Filter

Swimming Pool Cleaning Don’ts



Don’t spend money on pricey swimming pool cleaning supplies. We typically carry our own high-quality equipment that you can find at most local pool supply stores. Do not purchase any new equipment or chemicals without consulting us first.

Handling Chemicals

Don’t work with or keep toxic chemicals in your home. Pool chemicals are hazardous, and you should handle them with extreme caution. This will help to prevent eye injuries, respiratory diseases, and burns.


Don’t attempt to maintain stable water chemistry. One of the most crucial and annoying responsibilities of pool ownership is balancing the water multiple times a week. However, hiring a professional swimming pool cleaning service relieves you of the responsibility of maintaining the pool’s pH level and other delicate balancing acts. The professionals will test the pool’s water quality and add any necessary chemicals. You may rest assured that the water in your pool will always be at a suitable temperature and pH level for swimming. One of the greatest benefits of hiring a professional swimming pool cleaning company is that the homeowner doesn’t have to worry about testing and balancing the pool water themselves.


Don’t attempt to vacuum the pool floor. Scrubbing and vacuuming your pool and testing and balancing your water are necessary but unpleasant weekly duties. On the other hand, if you hire a service to maintain your pool, you won’t have to worry about it. You may rest assured that the professional team will take care of this tedious job. Thanks to regular vacuuming, people using your pool won’t have to worry about stepping in any muck or sediment on the bottom. It’s important for the wellness and longevity of your pool.


You shouldn’t shock the pool water. Professionals will also take care of this potentially dangerous chore, so you don’t have to. Pools can be “shocked” by adding a chemical that enhances the water’s quality. High chlorine concentrations are the most frequent chemical and provide a safety risk if mishandled. Hiring a pool cleaning service removes yet another chore from your plate.


If you have a filter, do not backwash it. Keep an eye on the pump’s pressure indicator so you can determine when it’s time to backwash the filter. After cleaning the filter, you should record the pressure and watch for an increase in the pump’s output. When the time comes to backwash your filter, you may find yourself in a tedious and dirty situation. Those specializing in maintaining swimming pools will deal with this unwelcome but necessary task on your behalf. There is no need to deal with dirty filters, new sand, or DE. You should avoid wasting your time and instead hire experts.


Don’t bother fixing broken or malfunctioning equipment. If a part breaks, our dedicated professionals will fix it or replace it. When repairing, professionals always use the best quality materials. This will ensure the problem doesn’t come back any time soon. When you consider the time and money you’ll save by repairing yourself, you might be tempted to dive right in.

Enjoy Your Pool

Even if these are helpful dos and don’ts for maintaining your pool, you should still see a professional. Professional pool cleaners should be relied on for extensive cleanings. Your top priorities should be unwinding, diving, swimming and having fun. Avoid burning yourself out by constantly tending to and cleaning your pool. On your days off, you should be doing something more productive. Reach out to Poseidon Pool Services if you have any questions concerning the regular swimming pool cleaning and maintenance service we provide.

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Poseidon Pool Service are your local Roseville Pool Service and Pool Care professionals. We provide professional advice on pool maintenance, pool equipment repairs, and pool water chemistry expertise.

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Poseidon Pool Service are your local Roseville Pool Service and Pool Care professionals. We provide professional advice on pool maintenance, pool equipment repairs, and pool water chemistry expertise.

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