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Pool repairs are an unavoidable cost of pool ownership. Poseidon Pool Service is here to assist you! Our licensed pool repair technicians and industry experts will examine your swimming pool or spa and provide an accurate, cost-effective pool servicing solution for you. We are skilled pool repair and equipment repair technicians serving the communities of Roseville, Granite Bay, Loomis, and Rocklin. Contact us for an estimate on pool repairs throughout the local area (916) 666-8171.

Pool Repairs in Roseville, CA

Need Pool Repair Service in Roseville, CA?

We provide complete pool repair services. We service and repair all major brands and models of swimming pool equipment, including pool pumps, motors, heaters, filters, timers, lighting, and pool cleaners.

Services and Repairs for Pool Filters

To ensure that your pool filter operates properly and maintains water purity, it is critical that it is serviced on a regular basis. We clean filters, change filter grids, and replace entire filter units.

Leaders in Pool Automation and Pool Equipment Repairs in Roseville

Today’s pools contain advanced technology that allows you to control your pool’s equipment and features with the push of a button, but technical glitches and equipment malfunctions do occur occasionally. We can assist in alleviating the frustration associated with pool technology automation concerns.

Are you having any of the following pool equipment problems?

Are you having any of the following pool equipment problems?

Your swimming pool’s water is not circulated properly.
Naturally, the filter could just be dirty, or there could be some sort of obstruction in the suction line. Often, this occurs as a result of a shrunken fitting accessing the pump’s input, causing the pump to draw in air and lose its capacity to prime. This can occur if the pool’s water level drops too low, allowing the pump to run dry and causing the PVC pump fittings and seal to shrink, allowing additional unwanted air to enter. This is the ideal time to contact Poseidon Pool Service, as we can get this corrected promptly to minimize further damage or financial loss.

Your pool pump is making a lot of noise
If the sound is grinding and you have determined that it is coming from the pool pump, something may be lodged in the impellor. Typically, this issue needs disassembly of the pump in order to remove the object.

Typically, the problem is a failing motor bearing. Often, this is the result of water damage caused by moisture entering into the bearings and corroding the inside of the pump. Regardless, your pool pump should be quite quiet, and if it isn’t, there may be an issue. We can diagnose the issue and recommend the best course of action.

Your pool pump will not start
There are numerous variables that contribute to pool pumps not turning on. It might be anything from a malfunctioning home automation system to a faulty protective GFCI outlet intended for safety purposes to prevent electrocution. With all of these variables, we recommend that you engage the local Roseville Pool Service experts at Poseidon to examine and resolve the issue.

Roseville Pool Repar Specialists

Pool Repairs in Roseville, Loomis, Granite Bay, Rocklin

Pool Skimmers

Pool Filters

Pool Valves

Pool Tile

Main Drains

Pool Automation

Poseidon Pool Service has meticulously selected the highest-quality products, parts, and equipment for routine pool repairs. Our team has hand-selected the best vendors, and negotiated rock bottom pricing to pass savings on to our customers and ensure they get the most for their pool repair budget.

Our experienced pool maintenance firm offers our customers simple, knowledgeable, and courteous pool repair services. Our pool experts adhere to the highest levels of professionalism and technical ability, elevating the pool service business to a new level of customer care.

Call (916) 666-8171 for Pool Repair Service in Roseville, Rocklin, Loomis, and Granite Bay

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