Pool Inspections

Poseidon Pool Service is your complete Pool Inspection service provide. We offer expert status reports of your pool equipment setup and offer professional diagnostic and repair work if needed. In the event we do encounter issues with your pool equipment or water chemistry we have a complete pool service plan to your budgetary needs.

Roseville Pool Inspections

Roseville Pool Inspection Service

Poseidon Pool Service is a full-service pool inspection company. We provide expert status updates on your pool equipment setup and, if necessary, professional diagnosis and repair services. In the event that we encounter problems with your pool equipment or water chemistry, we provide a complete pool service plan tailored to your budget.

Expert service technicians and knowledgeable in repairing all major brands of swimming pool equipment, components and features. We are proud to provide expert diagnostic reports recommending any routine maintenance or repair work as needed.

Pool Equipment Inspections

A visual inspection and basic operation of the equipment used to operate the pool or spa, such as motors, pumps, valves, filters, and heating systems, will be part of the pool inspection. The equipment will be assessed for flaws such as exposed plumbing leaks, inadequate heating and electrical systems, and other faulty components. A pool inspection will introduce the concept of pool safety and equipment longevity. This will help determine what repairs are required, as well as whether complete replacement of the equipment is required.

Inspecting For Safety

Safety is a crucial concern with all pools and spas. There are also federal and state laws that require safety precautions for all pools and spas. Pool and spa inspections necessitate the use of instruments to check that all necessary safety elements are present and in excellent functioning order. Another safety concern is electrical components, and the inspector will evaluate all visible and accessible electrical equipment to ensure that the relevant safety standards are met. Finally, stairs and ladders, as well as any other points of egress, will be inspected for flaws to ensure that they comply with local standards.

Pool Area Inspection

The surrounding area is just as significant as the pool or spa. Making certain that pool and spa laws are observed in the surrounding area will reduce the danger of injury. Inspectors will conduct an inspection to see if the residence complies with all local regulations governing pool and spa safety. Before buying or selling a home, the inspector will provide specific suggestions to help enhance the area. This could incorporate things like safety barriers, fences, coping, and sidewalks.

Pool Inspections in Roseville

Pool Inspections in Roseville, Loomis, Granite Bay, Rocklin

Items We Typically Look For During Inspection

✔ Defective or missing GFCI’s
✔ Lights that are damaged or missing
✔ Old or improperly installed Junction boxes
✔ Leaks in equipment
✔ Pool Filters that are dirty or need replacement
✔ There are no anti-vortex drain covers
✔ Damaged pool heaters
✔ Inadequately vented pool heaters
✔ Shell or plaster that has deteriorated
✔ Improperly bonded metal around the pool
✔ Pool leaks in equipment
✔ Noncompliance with anti-drowning measures

Mechanical Inspection

✔ Skimmer
✔ Filter
✔ Pool Cover
✔ Pool Heater
✔ Venting
✔ Pressure gauge
✔ Supply lines
✔ Blower
✔ Time-based controls

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