Pool Equipment Repair

When you need pool repair services in Roseville, Poseidon Pool Service is there to assist you! For years we’ve been servicing the local community of Roseville, CA and the surrounding area. Our pool equipment repair staff proudly services and installs all major brands including Pentair, Jandy, Zodiac, Hayward, and others. The skilled pool equipment repair technicians at Poseidon understand that pool pumps, heaters, and filters all contribute to a safe and enjoyable swimming experience. We repair and install heat pumps, gas heaters, filter pumps, filters, lighting, and much more. Call or visit us today to see how our excellent solutions can improve your pool experience.

Pool Equipment Installation & Pool Equipment Repair - Roseville Pool Service

Roseville Pool Equipment Repair Service

If your pool equipment breaks due to a defect or age, we can generally have you back up and running in 24 to 48 hours. Our pool equipment repair professionals can identify and fix any problems you’re having with your pool equipment. We’ll also gladly provide you with cost saving ideas and advise on how to extend the life of your pool equipment!

What Pool Equipment Repair Services Do You Offer?

Our repair specialists have years of experience diagnosing and repairing pool equipment. We are also delighted to demonstrate to homeowners how their specific system works and what they can do to improve its efficiency. Poseidon Pool Service can assist you no matter what is wrong with your pool equipment!

Pool Pump Repair & Installation

You may have noticed your pool pump making a loud whining sound, that sound you’re hearing is a fair indication that your pool pump is on its way out. You can opt to have pool pump repairs done, but when it finally does stop working, you’ll need to get it replaced as soon as possible. Let us help you replace that old broken pool pump. Poseidon Pool Service can install an energy efficient variable speed pool pump that will save you money!

Pool Heater Repair & Pool Heater Installation

Don’t get left out in the cold (literally). Pool heaters must be maintained and cleaned on a regular basis in order to function effectively. A failing pool heater is frequently caused by neglect in maintenance or being clogged with debris. Your pool heater is a complex piece of equipment. Pool heater repairs are best left to our experienced service technicians rather than doing them yourself. Contact Poseidon Pool Services for pool heater repair service and pool heater installation.

Pool Equipment Installation & Repairs

For local homeowners in Roseville, it’s a relief knowing that there is a trust-worthy and reliable pool equipment service that offers courteous and knowledgeable repair work.

Pool Pump Repair, Pool Pump Upgrades, Pool Pump Installation in Roseville, CA

Pool Sweep Repairs

Pool sweeps are also another component of your pool that will wear out with time and use. Typically sweeps are meant to be rebuilt after 5 to 10 years. If you are in the market for a new sweep, contact us for competitive pricing on replacing and installing a new pool sweep for you. Automatic pool cleaners must be adjusted and hoses trimmed according to the size and shape of your pool; we can also assist with this as well. Contact us for professional expert repair work.

Pool Filter Repairs / Replacement

Proper filtration is absolutely essential in order to maintain proper pool sanitation and water clarity. Filter cartridges get worn out and dirty over time.  A damaged or leaking manifold, or even an undersized filter can all result in sub-optimal filtration. Let us see how we can assist in either repairing the problem or recommending a suitable remedy. That may involve repairing your pool filter or replacing it altogether. We will always advise you on the best solution.

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