Pool Cleaning

Keeping your pool looking pristine and immaculate is important, not only for the overall aesthetic of your pool, but in order to maintain a clean and hygienic swimming environment. Let’s face it, nobody likes swimming in a green pool. Algae can form fast, and make your day to day pool management seem like a daunting task. Poseidon Pool Service’s pool cleaning service ensures that your swimming pool is crystal blue and in ready to swim condition at all times.

Pool Cleaning in Roseville

Roseville Pool Cleaning Service

There are plenty of Roseville Pool Cleaning companies in the local area. Swimming pools are enormously popular in the Sacramento region, so you have your pick of pool service technicians to choose from. We aim to provide a superior pool cleaning and pool management service with our end-to-end pool cleaning service, we’re providing Roseville homeowners with picture perfect blue water that not only adds to the beauty of the pool area, but is safe and clean to swim in. Our knowledge of water chemistry, stain removal, and green-to-clean expertise has helped make us one of the leading pool service technicians in Roseville.

What Pool Cleaning Services Do We Provide?

Basic Weekly Pool Cleaning Service

✔ Filter Pump Basket Clean-Out
✔ Skimmer Basket Clean-Out
✔ Chemical Balance

Brush Service
✔ Floor & Wall Sweep
✔ Floor Cleaner Clean-out

Netting Service

✔ Netting Debris Larger than a Dime Top to Bottom

Vaccum Service

✔ Vacuum Service (Up To 2 times/ Month)

Pool Cleaning Service & Maintenance

Pool Cleaning Service in Roseville, Loomis, Granite Bay, Rocklin

Do you wish that you used your pool more frequently? We all have a lot on our plates in Roseville, and when you do find time to relax in your backyard (or have friends and family around), the last thing you want is a dirty pool. Our commitment to our customers, attention to detail, and obsession with crystal clear pools will not solve all of lifes problems, but one this is for sure, you will have a beautiful swimming environment.

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