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Welcome and thank you for choosing Poseidon Pool Service as your pool service company. We worked to establish the highest level of standards in the pool service industry. This Pool Service Agreement outlines in detail our 100% commitment to provide professional care for your pool and/or spa.
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Under our service plans, Poseidon Pool Service will provide all of the necessary standard chemicals required to maintain and balance your water chemistry. The chemicals will be stored on our service trucks. The following services will be completed by the Pool Service Technician during a scheduled visit
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Poseidon Pool Service strives to provide our customers the best possible swimming pool experience at the lowest cost to our customers. As such there are certain treatments for pool water that are occasionally necessary that are considered “non-standard chemicals”. In these circumstances Poseidon Pool Service may make a request for a customer to purchase a specialty chemical so the pool can be treated.
At Poseidon Pool Service we strive to create a relationship with every customer, our goal is to have your pool will be serviced by the same Pool Service Technician on the same day and approximate time each week. We will make every effort to provide consistent service technicians, unless your regular technician is unavailable, on consistent days of the week and will make every effort to notify our customers if a change is required.
It is the customer’s responsibility to contain and restrain all pets. We will do our best to keep the gate(s) closed at all times, but we cannot be responsible if a pet gets out while we are entering or exiting the gate. In addition, the customer accepts responsibility for any injuries inflicted by pets on our technicians and understands we will need to obtain the pets shot records from you for the safety and treatment of our technician should the need arise. An overly aggressive pet may result in an Access issue where service is missed or skipped.
If your Pool Service Technician notices a problem with the pool, he or she will note the issue in your e-pool ticket you receive via email. That information is transmitted to you, our office staff, and service team so they can schedule a visit to diagnose and quote any necessary repairs. If your pool is under warranty through a builder, our office staff may assist with facilitating the call and resolution with the builder. In the event a problem arises with your pool or equipment, please contact our office via phone or email to authorize a repair service call by our service department.
The customer must provide ready access for Poseidon Pool Service on the day of service either by providing a community gate code, pool area access code, and/or insuring the pool and equipment areas are unlocked and accessible. Home owner is responsible for proper gate maintenance.
We observe the following holidays each year: Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and the week(s) between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. In some cases, this may be one or two weeks depending on where the holidays fall.
It is the customer’s responsibility to maintain the water level. We will make note on your e-ticket if water needs to be added, and we will make every reasonable effort to add water if necessary during our visits. We cannot be responsible for any equipment damage or other issues which arise as a result of low water level in the pool.
Automatic: in the case where a pool has an automatic cover, our service technicians will service the pool as long as access to the pool cover control is provided. Temporary covers: Temporary pool covers limit service technicians ability to access and assess the pool. Should a temporary “bubble” cover be in place during a full service the service technician will provide a chemical and basket service but not make an effort to remove the cover should it break, tear or not be able to be replaced.
In the event of a rainstorm, thunderstorm, freezing weather, or other hazardous conditions we will perform a basic chemical and basket service and preform an equipment check.
During certain times of the year it may be advisable for homeowners to increase their pool service to twice a week, or for the homeowner to empty the skimmer baskets, pump baskets, and sweep bag to maintain proper water flow and prevent damage to the equipment.
If you require and extra cleaning outside your normal weekly visit, we would be happy to accommodate you. Sometimes the need may arise due to special events, vandalism, heavy storms, or other human factors. If the cleaning requires additional time and/or chemicals outside your normal weekly visit, an additional charge may apply outside of your regular monthly service fees.
In the event of freezing weather water circulation must be maintained continuously until the temperature reaches above thirty-two degrees Fahrenheit. Most pools are equipped with a “freeze guard system”. Unfortunately, sometimes these systems fail. If you notice your equipment is not running during freezing weather, contact our office immediately so that we may provide additional instructions.
Should your swimming pool have a solar heating system, Poseidon Pool Service will help facilitate the winterizing process of your system at the equipment pad only. This entails turning the valves off and helping drain the panels when spigots are easily accessible at the pad or at ground level. If your solar system is not self-draining Poseidon u0000Pool Service will not open spigots located on the roof of your home, though we will make every effort to remind the homeowner that the system needs to be drained. We assume no responsibility for systems not being properly drained
If you are not satisfied with our service, please contact us immediately. We will make every reasonable effort to return and remedy any problems immediately when you bring issues to our attention.
• Equipment Repairs-Poseidon Pool Service has a full service department which can diagnose and repair any pool equipment issues which arise. We charge a Diagnostic Fee to dispatch a Service Technician, Diagnose the nature of the issue, and provide an estimate for repair or replacement of the equipment. The Diagnosis Fee is applied to the cost of the repair if the estimate is approved at the time of the call. • Filter Maintenance-Poseidon Pool Service offers quarterly filter cleaning for cartridge filters, and semi-annual cleaning for all filters. The cost for cartridge filter cleaning is $99 per cleaning, and D.E. filters are $155. If your pool is equipped with a mineral cartridge we can inspect and replace them as necessary at their regularly scheduled intervals as well. • Cosmetic Maintenance-Poseidon Pool Service offers cosmetic services to keep your pool looking it’s best for years. These services include, calcium cleans, mastic replacement, stone and tile cleaning and sealing, and more. If you are interested in these services, contact our office and we will have a Cosmetic Technician come and provide a cost and obligation free estimate for the service(s).
Do you have a landscaping service? If so, what day do they service your home? Any other special instructions?
Poseidon Pool Service will provide you with one invoice monthly for regular pool maintenance charges. We will send you an invoice once a month on the 1st of the month which is due on the 15st of the month. Credit card customers will be automatically billed for regular monthly pool maintenance charges on the 1st. A late fee of $15 per month will be applied to payments that are not made by the end of the month. • Check Payments: Poseidon Pool Service assumes customers will autopay with a card, if customer requests to pay with check or cash, PPS reserves the right to charge an additional $5 convenience fee if collection of payment becomes irregular or additionally burdensome.
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