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Why It Makes Sense To Upgrade To a Variable Speed Pump
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Maintenance of your pool’s pumps, heater, and other components can extend their useful lives. Unless you have prior experience, this task can quickly become tedious. It can also take away from time that would be better spent basking in the sun with loved ones. Avoid wasting time learning how to maintain chemicals and do DIY pool equipment repair by hiring a reputable local pool service.

Hiring a local pool service, such as Poseidon Pool Services, means that someone else will be responsible for ensuring that your pool is always clean. They will also ensure the chemicals are balanced and the equipment is in good working order. If you don’t want to hire another company, it’s best to choose one that knows how to fix and maintain all kinds of pool equipment.

Why It Makes Sense To Upgrade To a Variable Speed Pump

Common pool equipment repairs: Let our technicians assist you.

Damaged swimming pool heater

You should probably get a professional for this one. The pool heater is one of the most complex parts of your pool. Determining why isn’t always easy when a pool heater breaks down. Heater problems could include the pilot not lighting, the sound of sparking or clicking, or an unsatisfactory temperature. The problem could be as easy to fix as a filthy pool filter or as difficult to diagnose as faulty wiring. If your heater is defective, you should contact a professional immediately. Only a company that has installed or fixed pool equipment before can figure out what’s wrong and fix it without putting anyone in danger.

Pool cleaner clog

This is the case when anything gets caught up in the cleaner and prevents it from moving. Leaves, pool toys, and even tree branches can get caught in the cleaner’s suction and cause it to become clogged.

The pool pump is not working

The pool pump helps to circulate and filter all the water that enters your pool. If the pump breaks, the water in the pool will quickly turn murky. A loose connection is a common cause of its failure. The connection between the pump and its power supply needs regular check-ups by your pool technician.

Water circulation is poor

Having a pool with good circulation is advantageous in many ways. Poor drainage can cause standing water to become a mosquito and pest breeding ground. The efficiency of your pool’s filtration system relies on proper water circulation and filtration. The pool’s sanitizing agents are also spread out equally.

At Poseidon Pool Services, we are available to perform thorough circulation inspections and make any necessary repairs. If you do this, you may rest assured that your pool is safe for use year-round.

Poor water filtration

Your pool’s filtration system isn’t complete without the pump. A problem with your pool filter could be to blame for the sudden appearance of algae, debris, or leaves in your pool. When it comes to pools, filtration issues are usually straightforward to fix. The filtering cartridge can be replaced by your technician, bringing your filter back to life. Your pool filter shouldn’t have trouble purifying the water once you put in a new cartridge.

Skimmer leaks

The skimmer should be the first place you look for a leak in your pool. The skimmer can be detached from the pool’s concrete walls. A skimmer leak on a vinyl pool could be due to a worn-out skimmer gasket, improper installation, or a defective skimmer. Skimmers are vulnerable to cracking and other damage when exposed to subfreezing conditions. Taking care of these problems before they become big repairs is usually not too difficult to repair.

Other Common Problems That Need Repair

Our team is up to the task of any pool equipment repair you might have. Examples of this are not limited to the following:

  • Leaks in the pool’s plumbing are a major problem.
  • There have been issues with the pool’s pumps.
  • The foundation of the pool has cracks
  • Wall and floor leaks in the pool 

Maintaining a clean and debris-free swimming pool is the best way to extend the life of your equipment. If you experience problems with your pump, you will need to get your pool equipment repaired before you can get back to using it normally. If you hire pool cleaners on a regular basis, they can report on the condition of the health of the pool equipment.

Are you in need of pool equipment repair? The time to hire Poseidon Pool Services is now.

Properly installed pool equipment and plumbing allow for optimal efficiency. This reduces energy consumption and provides a longer service life for the various components. We take great pleasure in our ability to service and install commercial and residential pool equipment. Poseidon Pool Services is ready to do pool equipment repair or install new equipment for your pool at an affordable price. Contact us today!

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