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Swimming pools are a welcome relief from the heat of summer, but they also have the potential to cause stress if something stops working. A burned pool light is one of the most frequent problems pool owners face. Don’t worry if you’re having this problem. Changing a pool light is an easy task. You can finish the job with some common sense and some simple tools. This article will explain how to change a pool light so that you can return to swimming as soon as possible.

How to Change a Pool Light

What do you require to change a pool light?

Once you know which pool light will work in your pool, you’ll need to get everything set up. Everything you’ll need to change a pool light is:

  • Multimeter
  • Replacement lens gasket
  • Dry towels
  • Philips and flathead screwdriver
  • Replacement bulb

You should hire a pro to change a pool light if you’re not confident doing it yourself.

Steps to follow:

1. Switch the power off

For safety reasons, you shouldn’t combine water and electricity.

Because you will be touching wires while in the water, you must first ensure the power is completely switched off.

When changing the bulb in your pool, you can drain some water if you need more room to work in. Of course, you should still check that the power is turned off at the mains. When you’re done, refill the pool and adjust the chemicals.

2. Remove the pilot screw

The light’s pilot screw is accessible from above. A Phillips or flathead screwdriver, respectively, may be useful, depending on the specifics of the light in question.

3. Remove the fixture

Keep in mind that you must not use bare hands when handling the wires before proceeding.

Carefully remove the light from the fixture after removing the screw. An adequate cord should be attached to the light to set it up on your deck.

Putting the lens down on a cloth will protect it from scratches.

3. Test the wiring

Do not touch the wires with your naked hands. Before proceeding, you should use a multimeter to check for electricity in the cables.

If so, you will have to figure out what’s blocking progress and disable it. Once you have located the power source, you should use the multimeter again to ensure it is safe to continue.

4. Remove the fixture

Take apart the fixture by removing any clamps or screws holding it together. Remove the face ring, lens gasket, and lens to get to the pool light bulb.

Be cautious and make sure you don’t pull it apart over the water if the light has deteriorated over time. This will prevent any particles of debris from falling in.

You should use a dry towel to remove any debris or dirt. Because of the corrosion, it may be necessary to replace the fixture.

5. Remove the bulb

Use a towel to hold the light bulb. Carefully unscrew the light bulb until it’s completely free. Towel off the light bulb and wipe down the fixture.

6. Fit the new bulb

After cleaning the fitting, carefully screw in the replacement bulb. Make sure it’s screwed in securely but not too firmly, or you can break the new bulb. Place the lens gasket over the lens and reassemble the fixture once the bulb is securely in position.

7. Test your pool light

Turn on the power and make sure the light comes on before reinstalling the fixture in your pool wall. Pool lights aren’t made to operate out of the water for long periods, so you should do this immediately.

As soon as you know the light is functioning properly, turn the power off again, but after you check to ensure it remains off.

8. Look for leaks

After placing the fixture in the water, make sure no air is leaking around the edges where it was sealed.

In the event that you find air bubbles, disassembly of the fixture is necessary. Take it out of the water, dry the interior of the fixture, and put it back together.

Once you’ve confirmed there are no air bubbles, you can lower the fixture into your pool. Make sure that the fixture is no longer leaking by repeating the steps.

How to Change a Pool Light

9. Fit the Light

Gently press the fixture into place, and then tuck any excess wire back into your pool wall. Align the fixture’s screw holes with the holes in the pool wall before you start screwing it in.

10. Turn on the main

Put the power back on and make sure the light is operating properly. You can kick back and relax as soon as you’ve confirmed everything is in order.


Although most homeowners can handle changing out their pool’s lighting on their own, there are some exceptions. To access the electrical equipment beneath a pool on a slope, you may need to drain the pool first. If you have questions about how you can change a pool light, you should talk to a professional pool service, like Poseidon Pool Services. Contact us today! 

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Poseidon Pool Service are your local Roseville Pool Service and Pool Care professionals. We provide professional advice on pool maintenance, pool equipment repairs, and pool water chemistry expertise.

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