Roseville Pool Service - Weekly Chemical Service and Pool Cleaning Service for Pools in Roseville

Friendly, courteous, & reliable Roseville pool care professionals.


Expert Pool Service

Roseville Pool Service company Poseidon Pool Service prides itself on providing high quality workmanship and professional pool maintenance services throughout the local area of Roseville and Granite Bay.

We are one of the leading pool care specialists in the entire Sacramento region and provide expert weekly chemical service and maintenance of your inground pool & equipment. Qualified to perform pool equipment installation & repairs, we are one of the top rated pool contractors in Roseville, CA and provide reliable & affordable weekly pool service.


Ensure your pool is in ready-to-swim condition with our professional pool cleaning service.

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Openings & Closings

In Roseville, it’s a relief that there is a reliable pool maintenance company to professionally open & close their pool.

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Pool Equipment

Whether you are looking to install, upgrade or repair pool equipment, we provide expert installations and repairs.

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Weekly Chemical Service

Our weekly chemical service ensures your pool is a sanitized and healthy pool environment to swim in.

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We provide a wide array of pool repair & pool maintenance services.

Looking for a reliable pool service company? Want to upgrade or repair your pool equipment? Dealing with a green pool? We’ve got you covered. Contact the Roseville pool service experts today, we also provide service in Granite Bay, Rocklin, and Loomis.

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May 24, 2022
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